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A Hilarious Substitute for a curse word
Smurf 1: Did you have a good time with smurfette last night?
Smurf 2: right as we got out of the bar she started smurfin me
Smurf 1: get the smurf out! right in the smurf parkin lot?
Smurf 2: smurf yea
Smurf 1: that is freakin smurf
smurf 2 you smurf it
by Sam Wolfand March 28, 2005
Little blue men one sees when high on meth, acid, LSD, etc. They often hold the key to the secret of life and let you know about they do but never spell it out.
Fuck, I was high on meth at Macdonald's and this friggin' smurf was orderin' a big mac!
by venusflytrap January 17, 2005
Something so small that it has to be referred to by using lame 80's cartoon show charaters.
There's a smurf in my...er...your pants.
by Obi July 13, 2003
The act of dying ones pubic hair blue and then bragging about it.
Also see map o' Tassie
Yo! I got me a smurf man!
by louis October 22, 2001
someone easy to make fun of, likes ugly women, ballz havnt dropped hence the high piched voice and the unabilaty to get laid. starts shit then gets someone else to handle his business. usually seen driving ford tauruses with fat ugly bitches riding shotgun and bumpin' akon with a shitty system. drops his life for a bitch that gives it up the ass cause her dick is bigger than his.

now who u got nigga??????

dont relay on for fights cause people 20 minutes away who dont know u get there faster to help.

nobody bitch.
smurf:ill kick ur ass
smurf:*shuts up and takes the hummiliation like a horrible prison rape scene*
by ur old crew u fagget.... December 29, 2005
a wet dick slap across the face of a sleeping victim or willing party
dude#1: "dan is asleep. quick dip your dick in some honey and give him a nice sweet smurf!"
by pussy banger February 24, 2005
1 to insult
2 blue man group
3 todd, andy zukoski's blue loving friend
4 todd, the fuggin fugger
5 like the "F" word
1) go smurf your self!
2) Smurf1: "hey what did you and smurfett do last night" SMurf2: "I smurfed her" Smurf1: "SMURF NO!" Smurf2: "SMURF YEA!, I smurfed her in the smurffin parking lot!"
3) todd? oh the smurf wannabe!
by Jack Mehoff November 03, 2004
small blu creatures who seem harmless at first but beware, they are vicious when given too much sugar
Ben has too much sugar and has biten me
by steve linnard July 15, 2004