A Hilarious Substitute for a curse word
Smurf 1: Did you have a good time with smurfette last night?
Smurf 2: right as we got out of the bar she started smurfin me
Smurf 1: get the smurf out! right in the smurf parkin lot?
Smurf 2: smurf yea
Smurf 1: that is freakin smurf
smurf 2 you smurf it
by Sam Wolfand March 28, 2005
Known person of an internet community who creates a new avatar for the purpose of doing the following things while being unknown.

1) To have fun picking on people
2) To keep the reputation of their main avatar intact
3) To be left alone
4) To remove themselves from any bias that the community might have on their main avatar
Mike started smurfing on my forum.
by Mordan April 23, 2005
trashy drag queen speak for disgusting person!
Such as "he is such a torn smurf"
Dont let that smurfy looking girl come near me.
by punkybluestar March 25, 2005
when your balls get stuck to your leg
when you get up after sitting with your legs together and u feel your balls stuck to your leg
by marc March 13, 2005
Little blue men one sees when high on meth, acid, LSD, etc. They often hold the key to the secret of life and let you know about they do but never spell it out.
Fuck, I was high on meth at Macdonald's and this friggin' smurf was orderin' a big mac!
by venusflytrap January 17, 2005
1 (n) Pot, weed

2 (v) To smoke pot.

3 (adj) Pot-like
ie: Hey man, got some smurf?
ie: Smurf-Break!
ie: Dude, that shirt if smurfin' smurfy
by ctrl_alt_me January 27, 2004
hey man give me a smurf
by thomas oconnor November 01, 2003
Something so small that it has to be referred to by using lame 80's cartoon show charaters.
There's a smurf in my...er...your pants.
by Obi July 13, 2003
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