Wanting to get high.
"Yo dude I'm smunchin so bad, you got any buddahs?"
by Jackass9484 February 12, 2008
Top Definition
Munching, or "eating out" a smurf.
Bill- "Hey Tim, how was your date with Smurfette last night?"

Tim- "It was pretty swell, after dinner i tool her back to my place and did some smunching. She wailed like an ox."
by The Pimp's Bologna February 23, 2008
verb. meaning munching on half crunchy half soft food.

smunchies, what you smunch on, half crunchy half soft munchies.
man we are stoned we are smunchin so hard on old apple pies.

i love smunchies.
by cory hall October 09, 2007
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