(n.) Smunch: a form of punishment from consisting of placing a sandwich to someones ear and punching them as hard as possible.

(v.) To Smunch: The act of smunching.

1. Smunch is a punishment associated with Rubs Law
James "Graham was being a doushe in class so Jake went to Smunch him!"
by Rubbage September 04, 2012
Top Definition
Saturday morning brunch, generally taken around 10:30am at an excellent local dining establishment.
I got pretty hammered at the club on Friday, but smunch totally cured my hangover!
by Smunchy Smuncherson July 11, 2009
The combo of smash and crunch.
In Star Trek with Captain Kirk those fake rocks should have smunched them instead of bouncing off.
by BunnySlippersox May 26, 2014
Smoking pot on your lunch break....SMoke lUNCH, get it?

This is the "meal" between smeakfast & sminner
I went home for a smunch and came back to work really relaxed and ready to......wait, what was i saying?
by ihatemetzgar December 23, 2009
Snacking or eating in a delightful manner
He liked to smunch in his downtime.
Smunching was one of his many hobbies.
She was found at the smunch bar.
by DanDoellion August 22, 2011
To eat vagina, munch the carpet, falatia. Performing oral sex on a vagina.
Carlita wouldn't let me smash last night so I smunched instead.
by DNirro January 18, 2009
A cross between "smash" and "crunch" denoting the demolishing of an entity, however is not neccessarily limited to the physical,rather it can also be used post-verbal-crucifixion, adding to the diminishment of he/she/s dignity.
"Man, Fred's parents had a black baby..."
"Their Both white"...."smunched!"
Freds dad = Smunched!
by chief smuncher September 03, 2007
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