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beautiful or sexy, in Danish. it can be used to mean anything good, positive, or appealing.
1. "Hey, I talked to that girl I had a crush on and asked her out Friday night. She said yes! Smuk!!"

2. "Wow, this weed is soooo smuk. So nice and mellow, and no paranoia!"

3. "Before we leave to go out, let me check myself in the mirror. (Looks at self) Oh wow, I'm looking pretty smuk!"
by September 27, 2007
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Smeared Make-up Krew!! T-Mac, M-unit, Gizzle, Snoopy, and Maggarita. Smuk refers to a very tight group of friends.
Smuk does da body good.

Doooo Iiiitt!!
by BrownEyedBombshell November 15, 2004
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