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shake my unicorn head.
same meaning as "smh" but the added word "unicorn" puts the speaker higher above the other. Therefore, making themselves more dominant. Basically a classy way to judge someone using an abbreviation that they won't understand.
Dumb friend: "I just bought Justin Bieber's new cd!"

Cooler 'unicorn' friend: "... smuh."
by smuh-in-your-general-direction April 24, 2011
the pronunciation of smh (shake my head)
I had to smuh when i woke up next to that grenade
by sleaz2010 April 13, 2011
The blonde pronunciation of "SMH."
1. "Are you going to the party tonight?"

"I just asked my mom, she said no. Smuh!"

2. "Smuh! I broke a nail."
by valiumskies March 31, 2011
smuh do you want?
by ammee June 26, 2003
bitch azz muddafucka kickin mad game wit da hoez
ja smuh azz
by bitch azz phil June 19, 2003
bitch ass muddafucka who kickin' mad game wit da bitchez
smuh ja azz
by butch azz phil June 19, 2003

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