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shake my unicorn head.
same meaning as "smh" but the added word "unicorn" puts the speaker higher above the other. Therefore, making themselves more dominant. Basically a classy way to judge someone using an abbreviation that they won't understand.
Dumb friend: "I just bought Justin Bieber's new cd!"

Cooler 'unicorn' friend: "... smuh."
by smuh-in-your-general-direction April 24, 2011
21 6
the pronunciation of smh (shake my head)
I had to smuh when i woke up next to that grenade
by sleaz2010 April 13, 2011
13 5
The blonde pronunciation of "SMH."
1. "Are you going to the party tonight?"

"I just asked my mom, she said no. Smuh!"

2. "Smuh! I broke a nail."
by valiumskies March 31, 2011
4 9
smuh do you want?
by ammee June 26, 2003
2 11
bitch azz muddafucka kickin mad game wit da hoez
ja smuh azz
by bitch azz phil June 19, 2003
7 33
bitch ass muddafucka who kickin' mad game wit da bitchez
smuh ja azz
by butch azz phil June 19, 2003
6 35