celebrities mug shot.
Damn, Paris Hiltons smug shot was better then her first two. What a media whore.
by gruntnick August 30, 2010
Top Definition
A police or other law enforcement mugshot taken of an alleged criminal who poses with a pouting or smug expression, sometimes with a mischievous smirk not caused by being drunk or otherwise intoxicated and which indicates that the defendant believes he or she will beat the charge or charges against him or her quite easily when, in reality, said defendant has absolutely no chance of beating the rap because of the overwhelming evidence that exists against him, oftentimes including his own video recorded evidence of him stupidly committing the crime in the moronic desire to post his crime on YouTube.
Cop #1: Did you see Rick Perry's smugshot?
Cop #2: Yeah. Sad thing is, he'll probably totally get away with it. He's such a rich cunt with no conception of reality.
Cop #1: Well, at least he executes innocent people for the state of Texas and doesn't apologize for it.
Cop #2: Yeah, he's a total fuckin' monster. Lindsay Lohan photo op Paris Hiltonograph
by THE DOOMED STUFFING November 04, 2014
A mug shot of someone so self righteous, superior, and self satisfied that their smug demeanor is clearly shown!
Have your seen Rick Perry's smugshot?!
by defthand August 22, 2014
When a perp smiles for his arrest mug shot instead of looking guilty.
Tom Delay's smugshot was unbelievable.
by Qutzupalotl December 07, 2012
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