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This is the act of popping a zit in an attempt to hide his/her action from everyone else. But somewhere along the lines evidence betrays you and you are called out. Someone that attempted a smuggy will always go into denial but the blood drip that rises to the surface 1-2 minutes after popping a zit is undeniable. The person is then caught red headed and looks like a complete tool.
Feek-a-leek had a blatent red bindhi resulting from popping a zit so it was evidently clear that he had tried to pull a quick smuggy in hopes of being able to sneak by enemy lines undetected.
by JJ Bridge October 03, 2006
Noun/Adverb: A term of endearment for a loved one. Verb: A synonym for snuggling.
Noun: I love you, you are such a smuggy! Verb: Let's go smuggy!
by MelissaM August 30, 2007