people who drive BMW's and use AMEX cards.
Look at that smug son of a bitch.
by jknausz7 April 15, 2007
The white stuff that oozes out of a mans tit when he/she squezzes around the tit hard
The old mans saggy tit let out some disgusting smug when the even older saggier woman squezzed his tits
by JonathonJacob August 07, 2009
A person ( or object with personality) that is very cute. Smugs are commonly chubby babies or people with cute cheeks.
Aww you're such a smug!
That baby is just smuggin around.
The hat makes you look a little smuggy.
by NUFFIN July 21, 2010
So you're fucking someone, and then you put your foot in their ass. Then, you shave your leg and then their ass.
I totally had to enema my ass to oblivion so that I could properly be smugged by my husband of four years last night. Man, my ass is smooth.
by theowinhow February 10, 2009
An automobile.
Tickets im out da door, hopped in me smug, and i break fast, get to my pad, sit back and laugh loc'd out as i flip thru my cash
by leathaface September 07, 2003
a beat up car, still driven, usually a 1980's GM.
my smug is out of gas
by Jsquad April 28, 2006
1. reference to someone who loses two consecutive rounds of shithead
2. reference to someone who gets a 2-2 but still thinks they're shit hot
3. someone who displays a quaintly smug manner
fuck off you smug twat
by Stuart Haring October 02, 2003
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