(v.)To apply jelly, jam or preserves to.
"Will you smuckle my toast with that jelly please?"
by Mark Sengstock May 01, 2003
A time when you are attempting to sound smart or intelligent, but mess up the pronunciation or spelling of a word. Usually a typo.
Person 2: You're the idiot. You can't even spell the word.
Person 1: UGH!!!
Person 2: You smuckled. HAHA!!!
by cookie_dough_bite April 22, 2009
To tuck your hands into your armpits and tickle someone with your elbows.
Were i not an amputee, smuckle thee i would.
by mrlipring April 26, 2003
when one testicle is bigger than the other
You are such a smuckle.
by Mason and Chris November 11, 2004

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