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(adjective) Unbalanced or unfair, especially in playground sports. If one team clearly has the better players, the teams would be considered smuck.
"No way, guys. These are smuck teams. Let's pick again."
by Chester Copperpot April 13, 2005
65 88
It is a Hebrew Word for the Foreskin that gets chopped off at birth. So when a person that is educated or a Jew calls you a Smuck. He or She is calling you a useless piece of dick.
I.E. a Smuck would go see the 2008 movie "never back down" or do things in attempt to appear "bigger" or manly. But factually a Smuck is weak and lame poser. Not so different from a Bro or a Gangster/Wangster.
by F'ing Rainwater March 20, 2008
285 149
A word used in place of 'fuck' by Scott Landon in Lisey's Story, a novel by Stephen King.
"Ninety-eight percent of what goes on in people's heads is non e of their smucking business." -Lisey's Story, pg 318.
by Laisa August 26, 2007
157 97
A person who acts foolish
Stop acting like a smuck.
by Soul_at_sea February 14, 2014
26 0
The act of smoking a blunt while having sex. The girl on top is the ideal position due to the fact that it is nearly impossible to do it any other way.
My girlfriend burnt me on the face while we were smucking.
by AFUK123 December 18, 2011
38 34
Smack someone the "f" up
I will smuck you up!
by whitefrog February 22, 2012
15 17
When someone picks your butthole and puts peanut butter in it using the tip of the finger.
That girl Tina wanted me to do smucks to her, but i wouldn't dare.
by Danky420 July 05, 2008
9 16
The mixture of slightly melted snow and sand on the road or parking lot. When you walk through it, it sounds like "Smuck smuck smuck"
I hate shoveling this smuck out of the driveway!
by auggierose February 04, 2011
31 47