this abbreviation means to,

shit my pants laughing.
ahhaah, smpl.
that's freaking awesome.
by deliriumdylan December 07, 2009
Top Definition
Shit My Pants Laughing. (Used online only.)

Used for greater emphasis than lmao
Jeff: I just broke my keyboard trying to kill a spider.

Mark: SMPL!
by Decaf September 17, 2008
It is an abreviation for ''shitting my pants laughing''. There also is the variation ''SMFPL'', which stands for ''shitting my fucking pants laughing''.
SMPL that was so funny!
by Hannah and Marcel June 29, 2011
Shit my pants laughing. Used instead of 'lol' or 'lawl' because both are overused and makes it look as if you don't care. Also, it's a great substitute for 'lmao' and 'rofl'. Often used when something is so funny it's hard to breathe.
Milton: Yo, we should get Seb to come play basketball with us.
Kat: Didn't you hear? Seb is grounded for a month 'cause he didn't wear socks in his house.
Reid: SMPL!
Jenni: Damn, that sucks....I like stealing his hat.
by ReidReaper May 19, 2010
Short for Shit My Pants Laughing. To be used in messengers, texting, and email. Replaces ROFL.
"A buddy of mine just texted me a joke. I responded with SMPL."
by J Zee June 19, 2009
shit my pants laughing; a replacement for LOL
"Dude, check out how stupid that chinaman on channel 5 looks!"

by stenchmaster flex May 15, 2009
SMPL- shit my pants laughing. When you laugh so hard you lose control of your bowels.
The other night i was at the bar and watched my buddy dancing with a beast. I took a picture and sent it to all our friends. no lols just SMPLs.
by morawhatchawant April 10, 2010
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