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Another name for vagina.
It's short for 'south mouth' meaning your lady bits.
Coming from how a vagina is like a mouth because it has lips and it is south as it is below your head.
Jenny: Man I got tanked last night and screwed both Jim and Barry.

Anita: Guuurl, you gotta learn to shut your smouth
by Rachy McRacherson January 17, 2011
A harsh derogatory term aimed at someone who is unjust, foul mouthed, or just heavily unfavoured.
It is a safe and cleaner way of saying c**t's mouth. ie: You have the mouth of a c**t.
"You crashed into the side of my car, you flamin' Smouth!!"


"You, Sir, are a Smouth!"
by Dafunc July 14, 2006
the act of face fucking. Usually done to shut a woman up, but can be a general face fucking.
"I cant stand her laugh! So annoying"
"Hell ya every time I hear it I just wanna give her Smouths!"
by JW442 November 07, 2008

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