to smoke pot
by tsianina February 03, 2010
Top Definition
Slang for pot/cannabis. Derived from the expression to 'poke smot.'
Got any smot?
by P June 03, 2004
a girl/lady that is not only extremely good looking, but smart as well - so smart and hot.

Noun - smottie "what check out that smottie"
wow check out that chick, she is so smot right now
by MollyBaker October 11, 2007
Smoking pot.
Derived from the term "Smoking pot."
"Dude, we just had a session."
"Word? What did you do?"
by WakeUpKen May 22, 2014
Someone who is smart but pretends they're not to fit in with the popular crowd.
Carrie's only smot because she wants to get closer to Brad.

Smot kids always blow their cover during midterms.
by castleback January 20, 2011
Smart and Hot. Used to describe a girl/lady/woman who is really good looking AND smart.
oh wow check out that smot girl over there
by molly baker October 18, 2007
when God smites you for watching too much porn/smut
Make sure you don't do anything that might get you smot!
by Nano Minelli November 05, 2010

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