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Someone who watches smosh every chance they get, has an overabundance of smosh tshirts, has had mail opened on mailtime, and is madly in love with either ian or anthony.
Bob: wow Sarah is a hardcore smosher
Joe: yah there she goes asking twiter questions!
Sarah: *yells* What the firetruck my iphone just crashed!
by smoshinforlife42 June 23, 2011
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A tight community of amazing people who love and support Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla from Smosh. Smoshers support one another through hard times and fangirl together. These guys are fucking badass, mess with them and you'll probably find a barbershop pole shoved up your ass. They're all sexy and wear blue bathrobes. They're pretty much insane but Ian and Anthony love them anyway. ;3
Girl: Omg, I love Smosh, they're so cute and funny.
Me: Haha, I love them too, but I'm a Smosher!
Girl: Me too!
Me: ...
by Dr Ianthony May 13, 2012
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a little known religious group who view the birthdays of the two creators of smosh as religious holidays and do not talk at all during those days. also they follow every twitter page related to smosh, watch all their videos and ask twitter questions every week no matter how inconvenient the time. they also own the shut up app and have sent fain mail at least once.
Alex: why is Jessica not talking today?

Kevin: its Ian's b-day

Alex: so?

Kevin: shes part of a group called smoshers its a religious thing, she cant talk today.
by jessiknick September 25, 2011
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