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The word of anything and everything. Can also be used to replace other words. (see smosh.com)
Sally smoshed all over Fred's face.
I was innocently smoshing my pony when my friend got smoshed by a rock.
also again:
I was drinking some smosh when the cop asked if he could smosh in my smosh.
by Nick (aka hellfire) December 14, 2004
probably the most stupid and annoying youtube channel EVER (even though they have 7 million subscribers). they have the stupidest and cheesiest videos on youtube
smosh is so stupid
by victoriababycupcake1 May 07, 2013
To really mess something up.
Wow... you put a live dog in the fire? You really smosh-ed that up.
by Mapple Teenie January 05, 2008
To destroy, shatter, destruct, break, ruin, crack, obliterate, severely damage
smoshed It
by El Cholo May 23, 2004