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To be so horny, you'd have sex with a chick with AIDS and not care
Man, I'm smorny as shit right now.
by J Mo May 24, 2004
5 11
Smorny means someone who is horny and smart. Usually someone who's a nerd and horny are considered as a smorny.

Smorny's are usually female but their are some male smorny's
This word was made by a Fagjana, but is now owned by a Vinthu as of 2010
Smorny is the opposite of Dorny ( dumb and horny)
Sanjana: blah blah blah blah
Joshua : ( copying her hmwk and not even listening to her)
Sanjana: so yeah i lovee butts and like hairy asses
Joshua ( in his thoughts): damn this girls horny but wow she's smart :O
Sanjana: blah blah blah
Joshua ( back to reality): so yeah sanjana wow your smart :o
Sanjana: i know i am hmph
Joshua: your horny also
Sanjana: no im not :O
Joshua: your a smorny!
Sanjana: a what?
Joshua: smorny; smart and horny
Sanjana: am not!
Joshua: yes you are -_-
Sanjana: am NOT ! :@
Joshua: yes you are ! and brush your teeth :) k bye smorny
by vinthulan35353535353 May 21, 2011
41 6
to be both smitten and horny with to be SMORNY!!!!....
Baby, you make me SO smorny....

you are my sweet smornasourous!!!
you are smornalicous!!!
you take me to smorntopia!!!
and when i sneak over late at night I'm a smorninja!!!
wow, this place is so smornafied
by panda7 April 08, 2010
13 7