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The only word in the dictionary that rhymes with the word orange.
Smorange is a fun word to say because it rhymes with orange.
by MOD drummer December 18, 2007
4 49
The flavor of orange juice after brushing your teeth.
John: Want some orange juice?
Ben: Nah I just brushed my teeth I don't wanna taste smorange
by soupiesales110 January 17, 2011
29 26
The unpleasant aftermath that results from mixing the flavors of oranges and mint (especially in the case of toothpaste).
Tyler: "I'm really craving orange juice"
Linda: "I'm not, I just brushed my teeth and you know what that means..."
Tyler: "Ew...smorange."
by msc95 April 09, 2014
1 0
A smashed or smooshed up orange.
"Man that naval's smoranged!"

"That hurricane really smoranged Florida's crops."
by mattattackdana February 23, 2010
28 33
The act of shouting the word "Smorange!!" at a random member of the public from the passager, or driving seat, of a moving car.
Jack: "Joe, smorange that man at the traffic lights"
Joe: "Smorange!!!!"

(man at traffic lights is startled)
by Gang Jah June 14, 2008
12 43
to smother into a state of unconciousness; to smother.
Sarah smoranged her popcorn in salt-butter.
by smorangelover March 30, 2008
23 56
adj.-prettier then pretty and more awesome then anything
Omfg she is sooo smorange!
alicia pretty amazing
by moo ima cow November 12, 2010
1 35
the exposed midrift of someone who shouldn't!!!!
The large fleshy part of a stomach, hips and back that hangs over hipster jeans. Is only refered to smorange if the
t-shirt or top of the wearer is short enough NOT to cover up all visable flesh.
"oh my god check out her smorange"
by Phoenix October 26, 2004
18 56