1. an extremely smooth, soft texture.
"His testicles were so soft and and smooth, they were smoove."
by Smoove Nutz March 07, 2006
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cool, slick, without stress with a whole lot of game. Organized to point of envy. Nice like a Lincolns ride.
That brother has a smoove ass shot.

Them rims are smoove as a mu-uh fucker!
by Jay December 02, 2003
Attempting to act smoothly with hilariously unfortunate results. The antithesis of smooth.
Smoove Guy: Are you from Tennessee? Because you're the only ten I see!
by Lincamania March 12, 2008
Another word for petting or stroking.
Usually used for something with fur. e.g. cat, dog, etc.
1. "I smooved my cat."

2. "My dog was like 'Smoove me!'"

3. "I enjoy smooving my cat."
by XxLennyKagaxX October 13, 2013
Verb meaning to court or seduce someone in a methodically planned manner. Original definition implies a lot of game but can also be used ironically.
He smooved his date by singing her love songs.
by Lipglossriposte November 07, 2011
Used to describe something super cool, extraordinary, an absolute fail, smooth, clumsy, stupid, or exciting. Often used as an exclamation or an adjective/adverb. Sometimes used when it makes absolutely no sense, just to make a point.

Pronounced "smuhv"
Bob! That was so smoove!
What the smoove!
by whoopeedoo May 18, 2011
a "clothes iron". (This came from an actual event)
My old lady was soo mad at me, she bust me upside the head with a "smoove".
by DustinH September 14, 2007
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