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the way some folks pronounce "smooth". It is spelled this way to look cool. It means well done, nice looking, or good.
Yo, i iz all smoov an' doo.
Dat booty be all smoov an kickin'.
Dang, Yo- dat's a smoov ride you gots.
by white guy October 19, 2003
How rappers say smooth cause they don't know how to talk right
Fuck me bitch! I'm so smoov!
by JM February 25, 2005
Any ill-advised three point shot taken by a player who should be nowhere near the three point line.
Announcer: "Josh Smith puts up a three....front iron, terrible shot."

Guy on his couch at home: "That was an awful shot."

Guy's friend: "Smoov..."
by So Smoov April 02, 2010
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