a sleazy, quick talkin guy whos only ambition in life is to lay women.
he's abit of a smoothie
by frenchie April 24, 2003
A smoothie is a penis. Sometimes it protrudes through the pants and plays quite the eye candy, to say the least. It can be obvious, or sometimes an inconspicuous "smoothie". It's a codeword and no one will know what you're talking about :P. It's a rather nice word, which can correlate to a slurping sound one could make. Like drinking a smoothie through a straw. I don't know how my friend and I invented this word, but we use it, A LOT.
Dude, look at the smoothie he's got!

by nymphomanic514 April 05, 2009
a smoothie is a totally hot sxc guy! comes from the fact that smoothies are yummy and so are hot guys!
My god brad is such a god damn smoothie
by gen gen August 07, 2004
a smoothie is a guy who is very hot, sxc etc. came from the fact that smoothies are yummy and so are got guys...
my god brad is such a smoothie
by gengen August 07, 2004
Often referred to as my boyfriend... He is a smoothie because he has such soft skin that i love to caress
Hey smoothie, lets make sweet sweet love
by Cleopatra March 16, 2004
When a male takes a dump then pees in a girls mouth, then the girl swallows it then throws it back up into the guys mouth.
Rodger likes mary very much, so the made a smoothie.
by hobo77 August 19, 2008
Usually compromised of a mixture of fruits, yogurts, and ice; and prepared in a blender to make a cold delicious drink.

However, if you are older and pursue something a little stronger. You can add or substitute beer into the formula, however many times until you find the drink that fits you.
John: What are you drinking over there?
Sally: Oh! Just a smoothie!
John: That drink that's usually made of ice, yogurt, and fruit in a blender?
Sally: Sort of. It's actually beer, beer, and more beer in a funnel
John: is that still a ssmoothie though?
by SkiingElephant January 18, 2015
an extra large amount of cum in your mouth
after sucking his cock for a long time I was rewarded with smoothie
by stom December 27, 2014

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