a sleazy, quick talkin guy whos only ambition in life is to lay women.
he's abit of a smoothie
by frenchie April 24, 2003
a man who, when wearing tight clothes, has no noticeable bulge in the front of his pants
In the 60's TV series BATMAN, Robin (played by Burt Ward) was a smoothie.
by kavorka March 16, 2005
1. Female genitalia in an uncorrupted state, i.e. no loosy goosy and no discoloration, and usually shaved cleanly.
2. A girl who has a smoothie.
1. Man look at this pussy, there's no roast beef, it's a smoothie!
2. Man, that girl is definitely a smoothie!
by tom April 25, 2004
Blow Job, Dome, Head, Fellatio
I want a smoothie. May i have a smoothie. You're a smoothie(Queen/King)
by Shady Milkman December 08, 2003
A casual dresser,someone who wears casual clothes.Was in use more in the 70s 80s.
They drove ford cortinas or capris,and lived a straight life.
Look at that tosser kevin,he's such a smoothie.
by mugwump November 16, 2004
A blow job.

Originally nicknamed by my boyfriend and me for.... no apparent reason, really.
I believe it's time for your smoothie....

by Bela Rasmussen September 28, 2004
Getting some major head, by some chich with no teeth.
Yah, I told that dick pig to spit out her dentures and give me a smoothie. your grandma's a TOTAL whore
by Jpac August 09, 2003
Blow job
She gave me a nice bannana smoothie until I released my protien pack.
by Jeb from NH July 25, 2003

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