A girl miming that she has just came everywhere due to an excitable moment. Generally the movement consists of her hands starting near her vagina and waving outward.
Can be used as a exclamation word along with the motions.
- 2 girls listening to a guy play acoustic guitar.

Cassi - "Jesus, Jordan can play that guitar for me anytime. I just smooshed all over the place"

Amanda -"Tell me about it! Smoosh!" (hand movements)
by mandarin_AmK May 26, 2009
Top Definition
Squashed and squished put together.
I was in a crowd of ppl and was smooshed...
by DomzaE July 01, 2005
Smooshed is a combination of smashed and mashed and smeared.
I left a doughnut in my bag and now the icing is smooshed all over the place.

I thought i was smooshed but you should see Marysia
by mrsneeky December 02, 2010
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