A lose ror someone whos hits the hershey highway.
A gay homoseual faggot with gross desires.
by Hi September 09, 2003
Top Definition
the act of taking up as much space as humanly possible. This involves sprawling across several couch cushions, the floor, the coffee table, etc. Smooging is all about maximizing spatial area. When multiple bodies get involved in this smooging, it becomes a clusterfuck of sprawling similar to Twister without the mat.
Dude, are you really going to smooge all over the couch? I'm sitting here too.
by zombiehunter951 February 13, 2012
To have sex in a romantic way. Not quite making love, but not just f@$king.
Nick started to really develop feelings for Kate, so that night he smooged her slow and tenderly.
by cre8tive July 12, 2011
funk from a dog's ass
That dog left smooge on my couch!!
by annaisabella March 18, 2004
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