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The object one uses to remove wrinkles from clothing
"That bitch hit me in the head with a smoodie, the thing you get your clothes smood with" origin - the show cops
by Trey Nichols December 23, 2007
A mood that you drink like a smoothie.

Source of inspiration: BoJack Horseman S1:E12; Mr. Peanut Butter and Todd pitch BoJack an idea for a business venture involving drinking moods.
BoJack: "I don't understand, how do you drink a mood?"
Todd: "Like a smoothie."
BoJack: "So it is a smoothie?"
Todd: "No, it's a smoodie, a mood that you drink."
BoJack: "How do you drink a mood?"
Mr. Peanut Butter: "Like a smoothie."
BoJack: "But do you buy it in a store? What are the physical attributes?"
Todd: "We Haven't worked out all the kinks yet."
by Mary Popn Heads August 28, 2014
The object that smooths an article of clothing
"She hit me with a smoodie, you know the thing you get your clothes smood with!" -- cops television show
by dg5 December 27, 2007