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An inferior person. Can apply in many situations, but generally speaking, smoles are annoying and smole-ish.
"Wow, look at that kid, he's such a smole."
by mayjay23 April 28, 2011
a word which can be used in the place of any emotive word!
'you are a smole!'
'smole me'
'what the smole?'
by aliceeee August 13, 2006
A ridiculously Small or large creature
looks like a mouse...
female Smoles are usually ginger and small whereas male smoles are usually very tall and blonde

they can also be made into clothes but if they are the clothese are automatically called a "Shmole Shkin Shweater" no matter what it actually is
"OH MY GIDDY AUNT! i think i just saw a smole run into my maths class!"

"OH DEAR LORD! i can see a smole coming through the door!"
by Oli a smole lover indeed October 03, 2006
A small mole
He is a smole.
by Fred the plumber from ipswich April 07, 2003