To smole is the act of walking through a club or bar with the intention of finding a partner. It will be discussed earlier in the night if you are out to 'smole' or not, and if so, a lap of the club/bar will ensue to help spot out potentials.
"I can't wait to smole tonight"
"Are we smoling tonight?"
"we're gonna have a good old smole'
by RaraRuru999 February 12, 2010
It simply means slutty mole, thanks to Maddy, Mitchell, Steph and Taylah (myself)
yep :)
by BAHAHA HELLOOOO October 29, 2008
A ridiculously Small or large creature
looks like a mouse...
female Smoles are usually ginger and small whereas male smoles are usually very tall and blonde

they can also be made into clothes but if they are the clothese are automatically called a "Shmole Shkin Shweater" no matter what it actually is
"OH MY GIDDY AUNT! i think i just saw a smole run into my maths class!"

"OH DEAR LORD! i can see a smole coming through the door!"
by Oli a smole lover indeed October 03, 2006
a word which can be used in the place of any emotive word!
'you are a smole!'
'smole me'
'what the smole?'
by aliceeee August 13, 2006
When you put a heated marshmallow on your partner's anus then you smudge so it looks melted. Then you lick it all up
Johnny decided to give his girlfriend a nice friendly smole
by Jloforrealtho May 14, 2016
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