Could be one of the worst ways to die, if not the worst. Smoking slowly kills your brain cells, rots your teeth, toughens your skin, wrinkles your face, messes your hair, ruins your esophagus, and gives your only brother stomach cramps that he doesn't realize are probably from smoking. Smoking causes plenty of cancer in the lungs, lips, gums, tongue, and pretty much everywhere else. It is probably the most unhealthy (legal) habit ever, and causes the death of somebody every ten seconds. Seriously, don't do it.
Emphysema (A pathological condition of the lungs marked by an abnormal increase in the size of the air spaces, resulting in labored breathing and an increased susceptibility to infection. It can be caused by irreversible expansion of the alveoli or by the destruction of alveolar walls), one of many illnesses that can be caused by smoking, has killed millions of people. Please don't let it kill my brother.
by Love Apple September 04, 2005
A really attractive girl is sometimes said to be "smoking" or "smoking hot". It is one of the best compliments you can give a girl, telling her that she is extremely attractive.
I want to introduce you to my sister. Is she hot? Are you kidding? She's smoking!
by Pro-Love Girl March 01, 2011
smoking is bad for your health but it's an adult decision and with assistance quitable, i'll admit that i'm a semi-smoking fetishist i like seeing a decent to good looking chick puffing away on a butt
me to friend: hey bro see that chick over there on that bench puffin on that cig, she's givin' me a boner
me: cause i like seeing good lookin girls smoking
friend:bro thats kinda twisted
me:dirrent strokes for diffrent folks
friend: whatever
me: in fact im gonna get up the guts to go sit by her
me: m'am is it o.k. if i sit by you
chick: o.k.
by Joe Smith 2 August 10, 2007
Critized by many for ruining your health. Smoking is one of the rarest thing in life that make you cool!
It's simple - Smoking is cool!

It emphasized on your bad-assness, increases your coolness, toughness, dangerousness. Also strongly aclaimed for it's purpose of being a pussy magnet. Smoking reduces stress, fills your body with a very healthy necotine drug.

**Smoking is a very powerful social tool. With a cigarette in your hand you can talk to almost anyone without being shy about it!!***
My god you're so cool with that cigarette, smoking!!
by Baconrobocop August 15, 2008
The activity in which two best friends may participate in while skipping class. This is a very attractive habit and is sure to atract many friends. Bitches can get over it if they don't appreciate the smoke.
Ariel: Hey
Kayla: Hey
Ariel: What's up with you?
Kayla: nothing. What's up with you?
Ariel: nothing.......wanna go smoke?
Kayla: ok.
Ariel: oh shit we're out of smokes
Kayla: I'll drive
Ariel: k
Kayla: I fuckin love us. always smoking.
Ariel: bahahahahahahahaha
Kayla: bahahahahahahha
Ariel: bahahahaha.

Kayla: wanna go jump off a bridge?
Ariel: ok.
by Kay Fade and Air B. June 29, 2009
Bluffing one's way through a written exam or test, esp for content based subjects, with little real knowlege of the subject. This is done through the use of fanciful language, beating about the bush, lengthy expressions etc.
He didn't study for his lit test, but he managed a pass because he's good at smoking his way through written exams.
by !xobile? July 05, 2005
it supposedly causes cancer and fertiality problems and blah blah blah.

Lets face it non smoker's die more than smokers.


Coz there are more non smoker's than smokers and non smokers die all the time.

Therefore smoking is good for your health.
This pro-smoking was brought to you by Benson&Hedges.

The finer way to smoke.
by Sharpy69 December 10, 2006

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