The legal act of killing off unintelligent humans, preventing overpopulation and the transfer of low intelligence levels and laziness to offspring.
All the cool kids are smoking outside
by RecoJohnson June 29, 2010
Nasty disgusting pathetic trash.
Smoking sucks ass. In all seriousness.
by 1069 November 26, 2005
The act of sucking on something long and slender until it fills your lungs up with sticky crap causing you to eventually gag.
I was smoking with this guy the other day, and I just couldn't stop gagging.
by TASC September 13, 2011
a way for people to look dumb ruin their health and hygiene automatically repulses everyone in 1 mile radius makes small children cry when they learn what will happen to their smoking family/ parents. yeah you will look real cool hooked up to an oxygen machine with a hole in you check false teeth and a cigarette in your hand!
Nat :hey kate lets buy that 'cool' smoker a drink
kate: really, you now its a legal and painful way to Die!
Nat :oh really? never mind!

smoking killed my Grandpa he even quit, reason the smoke was in the carpet after he had been smoking for so long. i was five years old
by Clutzs is kinda clever July 05, 2010
The Stupidest habit anyone could ever start.
Fagqueerious:Smoking is SOOO cool
Me:What so cool about getting AIDS/Cancer?
by Samanthaa* February 17, 2008

A good way to support your government, big business, and anti-smoking leach groups filled with neurotic assholes.
No... seriously.

Smoking finances people you care nothing about-- or worse, actively hate.

The sooner we stop giving the anti-smokers a reason to live, the sooner they can get back to listening to green day and cutting themselves.

And the sooner we cut the government's life-line, the sooner we can get the revolution going when they decide to bring back prohibition.
by Squirrel Man the Great September 29, 2009
What you do after sex.
Person: What were you guys doing last night?

Me: Oh, we fucked into oblivion and then stayed up smoking until like 3.

Person: Cool.
by Aceywantsyoursoul July 19, 2012

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