gettin a blow job from sumone
1. askin 4 a bj --- u gonna giv me a smokie r wa?
2.when u got one --- here i got such a smokie of her!!

by Tom_2005_M.U.F.C. November 10, 2005
Top Definition
An Arbroath fish. Made in Arbroath and scoffed in the Arbroath
Getting a fish and smoking it.
by Kev_wired October 21, 2003
The name of one who smokes many trees.
"Whats up? whats yo name?"
by Money Books November 03, 2008
A sheep or goat carcass smoked with a blowtorch. Popular with African communities in the UK. Currently it's made illegally due to a ban on it for public health reasons.
Don't be late on the smokie payment or I'll turn you into one!
by TheBitchingButcher August 13, 2015
you are such a smokie
by Wang Chung August 13, 2003
Didn't The Mask say this?
Somebody's gonna stop me!
by Jan Banana Baboon January 15, 2004
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