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Dergatory trucker term for the police.
Oh, shit, here comes Smokey the Bear on the radar..
by Alias 440 October 01, 2003
A fucking awesome ass bear who will take yo bitch and yo weed beware of the bear
Tom: "what happened to us smoking tonight dude?"
Chad: "Fuckin smokey the bear dude."
by yomomama November 12, 2013
1) When having sex with a girl doggy style, the man lights a cigarette and puts it out on her back so it leaves a burn. Then right as he's about to cum, he'll jizz on the burn spot to cool down the burn.

2) When having sex missionary style the man lights a cigarette and sets her bush on fire with the cigarette, and then puts out the fire with his jizz.

In both cases after the burn/fire is put out you must say " Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires"
"Man I caught her bush on fire, and totally went Smokey The Bear on her Ass"
by BryNSanity, Moogel April 28, 2010
One who discourages performing the act of a flaming amazon.
Smokey the Bear says "And remember kids, flaming amazons can be painful and seriously injure one or both participants!!"
by whirly pop April 06, 2005
A sexual position where a male
blows cigarette smoke into a
female's vagina, then has intercourse.
Afterwards, the female gives the male
oral sex, like she's smoking the cigarette.
Guy 1: You got that chick so drunk last night. What did u get her to do?
Guy 2: She was so wasted she gave me a smokey the bear!
by rytue3 April 25, 2009
when you are doing a girl from behind, and you are about to ejaculate, you stab her in the back with a match
Dude 1: "Only you can prevent forest fires"
Dude 2: "Only you can prevent me from giving your girlfriend smokey the bear"
by Theodis Bergstein June 20, 2006
A man lights his partners pubes on fire and stomps them out. then, he places his genitals into her mouths and begins moving back and forth vigorously while lighting small patches of her hair on fire and punching them out.
I thought i was going to die after getting a Smokey the Bear from that guy last night...but it sure was fun!
by Demented Macintosh December 07, 2009
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