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smokey mmo nyle is an infinitely complex phrase to explain. It is derived, of course, from the slang term for an anger-ridden homosexual, nyle.

The "smokey mmo" part of the phrase is more abstract though. In a computer game known as "Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WW2", a map called "Mimo Yecques" exists. "Mimo" was accidentally read as "Mmo" and thus mmo came to be. An airplane in this same map came to be called the "Smokey Mmo Yecques."

Soon, the similarities between the bee-shaped airplane and the actual Nyle became apparent. "Smokey Mmo Nyle" came into existance.

Variations include "Smokey MMmmmmo," "Smokey Mmo Mmo Mmo," and the inevitable "Smokey Oh No Nyle"
"Smokey Mmo Nyle!"

"... <growl>... shut up, Kyle... <ugh>"
by Lonely Man January 17, 2005
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