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a man or lad that smokes excessevly in the binge style and takes 10 second pulls draining the cigerette/joint's life away leaving it shrivelled like a small prune.(the cheeks collapse whilst doing this)a smokey joe isnt actually a crack head who enjoys his cigerettes but a chav of a sort who craves coffin nails.
na aint got a light,but smokey over there has
by Willy~Wonka February 03, 2005
When a girl is giving you head, you plug one of her nostrils and shove a bong/joint in the other and have her blow smoke all over your dick.
jenni was so out of it last night, i made her give me a smokey joe
by Andy! November 17, 2006
Invented in Maidstone, Kent in England and used by 6th form students. Simply meanz cigerette.
"lash me a smokey joe, mate?!"
by PedroXL October 01, 2006
The look of a penis after annal sex.
After screwing her in the butt, Bill had a Smokey Joe.
by Keith Woody September 29, 2004