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the red and/or peeling skin on the finger, usually thumb, of someone who is new to smoking and/or smokes often because they are inexperienced and the lighter flame touches their thumb or finger
Hey man, what's wrong with your thumb?
Oh, I just started smoking, and now I got a smoker's thumb.
Here, let me show you how to use a lighter!
by Devin Calcutta December 18, 2007
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The inevitable callus that forms from smoking too many bowls with a bad lighter.
"This lighter fuckin' sucks! I'm gonna have a bad case of smokers thumb tomorrow..."
by Xobeht November 25, 2007
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When you have a callus on the side of your thumb from lighting a lighter so often
Sam: doesn't it hurt to light your lighter so much?

Max: Naahh man I've got a smokers thumb
by yeeeaaaah June 11, 2011
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