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A spoof of pokemon where the characters get high all the time.
Smokemon is funny.
by No identity June 23, 2003
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Imagine those funny monsters high, it`s like watching Stonesmurfs
Ash? Misty? come on, dont tell me you dont see the relation...
by Junior October 31, 2003
When you get high and have fun imitating different Pokémon characters with your friends.
I challenge you to a Smokémon battle!
by B-Drac November 02, 2003
I assume it is a rip-off of Pokemon, where the character smoke's alot of weed.
"Don't approach me wrong, little kids call me 'smokemon',
'coz tha blunt's that i light set off smoke alarm's." - REDMAN
by Diego July 18, 2003

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