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The Act of Taking a Dump in the same bathroom as someone taking a steaming hot shower
"Ashley forgot to lock the bathroom door, so Charlie snuck in and gave her a smoke house"
by Imahippo3008 October 02, 2011
11 2
A nickname for a dark skinned man with a long penis. Named because his schlong looks like a sausage that one would find hanging in a smokehouse.
Man, Smokehouse over der picking at his feets again.
by biffula November 28, 2007
204 75
(V). An extremely attractive female. Refers to her being "smokin'" hot. Is used when classifying someone's attractiveness.
Jessica Simpson is a smokehouse!
by ERNNNNN April 12, 2007
23 17
A nickname for a male homosexual, meaning that like a smoke house they are always having meat put into them
guy: dude your such a smoke house
guy2: yeah what a faggot
by JesseJames182 April 20, 2008
4 3
a male who is well endowed (hung) phrase (It's where the meat hangs)
damn Eric is a smoke house in those jeans
by bigdaddy stretch February 15, 2005
4 3
Homosexual male...One who hangs meat in mouth.
Is your nickname smokehouse? because everyone likes to hang their meat in your mouth.
by davey loadman June 12, 2008
6 23
Verb : To get trash from a restaraunt joint's dumpster and spread that shit in someone's yard. A substitute for tee-peeing.
Shit son, that nigga's yard got smokehoused!
by Wayne Brady, Bitch February 12, 2005
5 22