Having participated in a kerb party which involves a lot of smoking you may find yourself being smoked out. this comes about when you simply cannot smoke anymore fags.
Nat: Kate doe you want another cigarette?
Kate: Nah, im all smoked out!
by KatieNoodle May 22, 2007
Top Definition
To have smoked pot with a buddy, or, to be invited to smoke pot.
You want to get smoked out?
by frbajx November 16, 2006
Being so incredibly high on weed that you feel as if the world is turning.

Experiences include, but are not limited to:
Uncontrollable laughing
Hallographic vision
Senses Version 2.0 (Everything you hear, touch, smell, taste, and see is more amazing than ever)
Story Telling
Lack of Coordination
Dizziness (Its the good kind)
Red eyes/Squinty eyes
Sitting in a car with your mouth hanging open

If you have not felt more than 3 of the above feelings/exeriences you did not experience a good high.
Go smoke dope!
Girl: Hey, whats up?
Boy: Smoked out girllllllll oh my goddddd.
Girl: Gimme that dope! Pass that!
by smokinsmokinshani August 10, 2009
The meaning of having a vehicle that's completely black. Including rims,windows,tail lights,headlights etc.
Wow everything on your car is completely black..., Yeah it's Smoked Out
by Smoked_Out October 03, 2011
to be good or done smoking weed.... rare in most experienced potheads....
(me)...here hit this blunt of citrus dro man....
(novice smoker)..nah man im smoked out
by drtysouth February 01, 2005
to go in a room, car, or other relatively small area and seal all the exits, then smoke your dank 'till the place of gathering is entirely filled w/ smoke
We smoked out the car, but the po-po man thought the car was on fire from the inside and busted our asses.
by ghandi September 19, 2002
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