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You ever had that feeling, where you're sitting next to a girl and you just KNOW what her pussy is like? You never actually saw it, but you can sense the essence of it, just from your intuitive nature. Well, a smoked trout is when you have that feeling and your instincts lead you to believe that the girl next to you has a pussy which smells AT ALL fishy. On the scale of fishiness, even if its only a 1 out of 100, thats still a smoked trout you're dealing with. Then you can go on and call that person a smoked trout whenever you want. It has nothing to do with whether or not you are right, since after you tell them that they are a smoked trout, chances are that you wont ever get to find out first hand... just the fact that you genuinely 100% thought that they had a smoked trout, makes them a smoked trout.
Lindsay Lohan, Samuel L Jackson and Jonny Depp are out to dinner together...Lindsay ordered the fish.

Lindsay, "mmm this smoked trout is great!"
Samuel L Jackson, "not from where im sittin"
Jonny Depp, "Lindsay, you're disgusting"
by the fisherman of trout January 01, 2010
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