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Man 1: You know what I smoke?
Man 2: What?
Man 1: Weed.
Man 2: Do you smoke weed everyday?
Man 1: Yes.
by Ship05 January 23, 2014
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Snoop Dogg's most famous line advocating for daily marijuana usage.

It has spawned a huge number of joke variants, many of which somehow involve Super Mario. When the player goes down a pipe, the well-known transit noise is replaced by a squeaky voice saying "weed" three times. Need I say more?

Most implementations of this phrase occur along with a GIF of Snoop Dogg's "weed dance", a classic move which is at once simple in appearance but actually quite difficult to pull off. Perhaps one needs to smoke pot before attempting it...
I smoke weed everyday. (smoke weed everyday) (remix)
by Brodo_Swaggins October 16, 2016
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