A military slang term for artillery. To 'bring smoke' = order an artillery strike. 'Chief of Smoke' = senior sergeant in an artillery unit.
The FO read the coordinates carefully into the radio's handset. Bringing smoke was a difficult job; one wrong syllable and a shell could land among the friendlies.
by MAC-Gyver May 27, 2003
a form of punishment. corrective physical training. pushups,etc.
example: ugh man i just gott smoked for telling sgt to f off
Any activity in which smoke comes from the "smoker" or which resembles smoking a cigarette.
To smoke 'em all - to use a firearm to kill

To smoke salmon - salmon is smoked for extra flavour/longevity

To smoke a cigarette- To inhale 'baccy and exhale it for relaxing effect.

To smoke a cock - see head

to smoke a car- to leave a car in the smoke of your car.
by Gumba Gumba April 08, 2004
Commonly Used Term Referring To Cannabis.
Hey Man You Interested In Buying Some Smoke?
by PikeyHoedown June 09, 2009
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