A Cancer Stick
I need a smoke!
by smoking reeks October 23, 2008
1) (noun) the grey debris given off as a result of burning.
2) (verb) a method of drug use in which the drug (in the case of, for example, meth or crack), or a medium containing the drug (in the case of, for example, a herb such as tobacco or cannabis), is burned and the resulting smoke inhaled for its psychoactive effects. the psychoactive constituents are given off in the smoke and absorbed in the lungs of the user. smoking is one of the most efficient ways to consume a drug, but can be hazardous to lung health, especially if done regularly. smoking paraphernalia include cigarettes, bongs and pipes.
3) (verb) to kill, esp. by shooting.
4) (noun) a cigarette.
1) it stinks of smoke in here, did something catch fire?
2) i just scored an ounce of weed - wanna come round and smoke a spliff or six after school?
3) word is bond, i smoked that fool.
4) Marlboro lights are my favourite smokes.
by abbas224 June 14, 2007
Adj. When a girl is really hot you can use it as an adjective!
That girl is so smoke!

That girl is SMOKE!
by Mikeharris32 June 08, 2007
A friendlier/safer word for weed.
Gotta get some smoke soon!
by SuperSonicX September 24, 2006
to kill or cap somebody
(loc dog)Ay grandma,you betta stay out my indo befo i smoke yo ass!
(grandma)Oh go fuk yourself nigga
by mike-loves August 10, 2006
A word used by white Chicago suburbanites to get the idea across that they are desperate to smoke weed. This word is said with heavy emphasis to the person the white Chicago suburbanite wants to get to smoke with them.
White Chicago Suburbanite: Hey, Mike. You wanna, you know, sm-O-ke?
Mike: Sure, what the hell. We'll go roll up a joint
by C-Mac Spank Dizzle January 21, 2004
A military slang term for artillery. To 'bring smoke' = order an artillery strike. 'Chief of Smoke' = senior sergeant in an artillery unit.
The FO read the coordinates carefully into the radio's handset. Bringing smoke was a difficult job; one wrong syllable and a shell could land among the friendlies.
by MAC-Gyver May 27, 2003

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