1) (noun) the grey debris given off as a result of burning.
2) (verb) a method of drug use in which the drug (in the case of, for example, meth or crack), or a medium containing the drug (in the case of, for example, a herb such as tobacco or cannabis), is burned and the resulting smoke inhaled for its psychoactive effects. the psychoactive constituents are given off in the smoke and absorbed in the lungs of the user. smoking is one of the most efficient ways to consume a drug, but can be hazardous to lung health, especially if done regularly. smoking paraphernalia include cigarettes, bongs and pipes.
3) (verb) to kill, esp. by shooting.
4) (noun) a cigarette.
1) it stinks of smoke in here, did something catch fire?
2) i just scored an ounce of weed - wanna come round and smoke a spliff or six after school?
3) word is bond, i smoked that fool.
4) Marlboro lights are my favourite smokes.
by abbas224 June 14, 2007
Top Definition
1) to light up a rolled up cigarette or similar instrument, usually packed with drugs, then stick it in your mouth and inhale
2) the gray debris comes out of such an instrument or any other burning
3) to kill, generally with a gun
4) to treat meat with smoke (2) for added flavor
5) to do an action that resembles smoking (1), such as sucking a fat cock
6) drugs that are smoked (1), or something to smoke, generally weed
The guy was smoking some smoke which was too much smoke next to the "No Smoking" sign, so I put down my smoked meat, told him to smoke a dick, pulled out my gun, and smoked the motherfucker.
by Nick D April 19, 2003
To kill.
Smoke that fool!

Someone got smoked last night.
by nokianinja October 07, 2002
a cigarette
She can't stand to start her day without lighting up a smoke.
by Ronald Clifford Buckman August 09, 2003
Military Slang (all 4)
1) To order a subordinate do excercises until completely exhausted, often as a punishment.
2) To be, or to have body parts, in a condition of extreme exhaustion or muscle failiure, as a result of exercise.
3) Artillery fire, mortar fire, or fire from close air support aircraft, especially from the point of view of the Forward Observer and acompanying Infantrymen.
4) To run away, hide, or conceal oneself, either as if using smoke grenades, or while actually using them.
1) Private Smith was late for formation, so he got smoked all afternoon.
2) My arms are smoked, time to stop the push-ups and move on to sit-ups.
3) After a few minutes of exchanging small arms fire with the hostiles, our forward observer brought smoke on 'em and it was over.
4) The Battallion Commander was looking for someone to clean his office, so they popped smoke (they left quickly).
4a) We were out in the open and taking fire, so we popped smoke and withdrew into the woods.
by SPCMD December 09, 2006
word we use for cannabis
you got any smoke to sell?
by Anonymous September 22, 2002
Slang for cigarettes, cigars, or pipes.
Go in there and buy me some smokes.
by Anonymous August 20, 2003
1. To inhale gases and particles directly through the mouth from a lit sources of tobacco.
2. Shoot
3. To speed pass another driver, as if in a race.
1. "Mind if I smoke this cigarette?"
2. "I'm gonna smoke your ass like a blunt"
3. "Past that grass cuz, blood... I'm gonna smoke your ass.
by hks December 06, 2003
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