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1) to light up a rolled up cigarette or similar instrument, usually packed with drugs, then stick it in your mouth and inhale
2) the gray debris comes out of such an instrument or any other burning
3) to kill, generally with a gun
4) to treat meat with smoke (2) for added flavor
5) to do an action that resembles smoking (1), such as sucking a fat cock
6) drugs that are smoked (1), or something to smoke, generally weed
The guy was smoking some smoke which was too much smoke next to the "No Smoking" sign, so I put down my smoked meat, told him to smoke a dick, pulled out my gun, and smoked the motherfucker.
by Nick D April 19, 2003
956 158
a form of punishment. corrective physical training. pushups,etc.
example: ugh man i just gott smoked for telling sgt to f off
1 3
cool, outrageous, tight, hip
That new shirt is so smoke.
by jencatk January 27, 2008
5 7
Adj. When a girl is really hot you can use it as an adjective!
That girl is so smoke!

That girl is SMOKE!
by Mikeharris32 June 08, 2007
10 12
fellatio; to give a blowjob
That whore loves smoking the cock.
by Zo, Joose, and Jeff March 20, 2003
17 19
Any activity in which smoke comes from the "smoker" or which resembles smoking a cigarette.
To smoke 'em all - to use a firearm to kill

To smoke salmon - salmon is smoked for extra flavour/longevity

To smoke a cigarette- To inhale 'baccy and exhale it for relaxing effect.

To smoke a cock - see head

to smoke a car- to leave a car in the smoke of your car.
by Gumba Gumba April 08, 2004
5 9
Commonly Used Term Referring To Cannabis.
Hey Man You Interested In Buying Some Smoke?
by PikeyHoedown June 09, 2009
0 5
a nig, black guy, chocolate face, etc.
Scott and Tom are such smokes when they try and act like they are not fags.
by bigpappapuff December 16, 2008
4 12