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A smoke duel is initiated by challenger "slapping" an opponents face with smoke, a smoke slap, and declaring "I challenge you to a duel!" The two players then stand back to back and move forward 4.20 paces. To start the first turn both players turn around to face each other. To end a turn both players must have blown a smoke ring at the opponent. The players may "shoot" at any time once a turn has started, including at the same time as an opponent. If both players miss they take a step forward to start another turn, then repeat until one or both of the smoke rings hits an opponent in a turn. The winner is the first person to hit the opponent with a smoke ring. In the event that the two players hit each other in the same turn both players lose.
Remember that time we got ripped trying to have a smoke duel?
by r4jd November 17, 2010

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