Teessider / Middlesbrough football fan.

Because of the industrial state of the area. But who cares because we won the carling cup!!!!!
I'm a smoggy and proud of it!!
by Chris Hughes April 07, 2004
Top Definition
person originating from Teesside - also smoggsider, smogglander - originating from Teesside's industrial heritage and the high concentration of industry in the area
by Anonymous October 10, 2003
A word used to describe the kind, gentle and successful people of Teesside. Originating from the smog which surrounds the area and comes from ICI. Smoggies can often be found having a few quiet drinks with friends, nattering about key issues effecting the business at a global level and also being fanatical over the most succesful club in the North East - Middlesbrough. Not to be confused with Gerodies & Mackems who, if mythology is to be believed, descended from a race of rats.
Random: Now lads, you lot fuckin Mackems you?
Smoggies: Nor!
Random: Or right you lot fuckin Geordies then?
Smoggies: Err Norr! We're fuckin Smoggies ya mad cunt.
by Steel Workers Son July 08, 2011
to be foggy AND smokey.
After smoking 5 blunts in his small compact car, John found out his vehicle was quite smoggy.
by subway susie December 01, 2009
Facial expression where you have a depressed fish lip look on your face. Picture a big lower lip, sad face, and dimples.
Gregory's face was "smoggy" when he found out he had lost the election.
by the person on the computer January 09, 2015
moppy, a lover of murray mints from fulwell, sunderland also a big fan of pies.
smoggy is a long blonde haired homosexual.
by liam/leeham November 22, 2007

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