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A person originating from Teesside, North East England, particularly Middlesbrough and Stockton, usually an avid fan of Premier League side Middlesbrough Football, and the God that is Juninho. Geordie and Mackam haters, and so called because of the Smog produced by the I.C.I chemical plant. Shortened from original nickname of "Smog monster."
The Smoggies painted the town red after Middlesbrough victory in the league cup final 2004 in Cardiff, especially since the Geordies won Jack Shit
by Julie April 01, 2004
154 40
He was outside token a smoggie when the cat was talking the the small child.
by AFG13 October 09, 2011
4 7
middlesbrough football fan with tunnel vision
by toon man April 07, 2003
33 91