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The act of smoking marijuana. Two words are combined in this abbreviation. Smoke and Bowls.
1. Hey guy, wanna go smobos?
2. It's been a while since I hit dat, lets smobos.
by Chaospally May 22, 2008

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Adjective describing something exceedingly superior
See: awesome owns
That game is so freakin' smobo.
by SuperficialBob April 22, 2005
Any person who rather smoke weed than doing anything life related.
There is a amobo sitting outside of my door, I gave her a quarter.
by Dionna King & Lauren Jacobs April 04, 2005
A smoking hobo. A person who enjoys weed and playing the guitar rather than focusing on his or her life.
There is a smobo outside my door, so I gave her a quarter.
by Dionna King March 01, 2005