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THE BEST DRINK EVER! Tastes just like green apple jolly ranchers.... yummmmmmmm!
Pass that green apple biznatch!
by the midget November 27, 2004
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1. Vodka flavored like sour green apple usually purchased for 8 dollars for a mickey and 10 dollars for a fifth.
2. A vodka flavored for women, men usually buy green apple when they want to fuck a broad.
Hey dude I wanna fuck jessica so bad.
Well she is a bitch so no 151.
by 415EZBZ July 13, 2006
a crappy ass bitch drink that makes dudes want to puke because of the shitty ass sour taste
Fuck that smirnoff green apple bitch shit, gimme some jack or some henn-dog.
by asdfhj January 20, 2006
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