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"Smilla" used when referring to an unfunny joke or comment. It is normally used in place of the phase "that joke was corny".

The word is normally stated when a joke is told and no one laughs do to the fact that the joke was unfunny.

Coined from the two words "stupid" and "miller" (reggie).

Why did the chicken cross the road...because the bus wasn't working.


When the word is used in a high pitched voice it can be used to make people laugh that did not laugh at the original unfunny joke or comment.
by Nathan Allotey May 04, 2007
Potent, pre-harvest marijuana buds still developing on the plant, characterized by an odor so pungent that it cannot be easily concealed.
That female marijuana plant is leaning under the weight of all that smilla!

Smilla has to be picked and cured before it can be smoked.
by Vegawrap January 16, 2009
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