When you laugh so hard that milk (or any other foreign liquid) shoots out your nose.
H: "The new girl smells like ape."

G: "Dude, I just smilked my soda all over the table!"
by People's Poet April 29, 2011
Top Definition
Smokey milk breath, usually resulting from the consumption of cereal & milk followed by a cigarette prior to brushing one's teeth. Not considered to be a complement.
I'm not kissing that, you've got smilk breath.
by gas giant September 27, 2010
Strawberry milk.
"Hold on, I need to grab some smilk before I go to bed."
by Roarster July 04, 2014
Can be used for anything, in a positive manner.
"Today is a pretty smilkin' day!"
"You're looking pretty smilk today"
"This test is definitely not smilk."
by Gordslinger November 27, 2009
a word used for any cuss word.
person 1: i smilkin' love you!!!
person 2: go the smilk away ann!!
by ann reynolds May 17, 2006
sniffing a carton, finding it iffy, but drinking from it anyway
I smilk, therefore I am.
by leap4rog September 17, 2007
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