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An add-on to various chat programs, it allows you to add horrendous eyesores to IM conversations. It claims not to install any spyware/adware, but it still installs other crap.
Smiley Central has the most godawfully annoying and ugly smileys ever.
by mikm June 07, 2005
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A website and application allowing one to include graphical (as opposed to the usual plain-text) emoticons in communications (especially e-mail). Doing so requires first installing the application. The catch is, to see the icons, receivers of the communications must install it, also. In this way, use of the program spreads by peer pressure.

Many consider smileycentral malware or spyware, since it installs several other programs, and pops up advertising.
Many people find smileycentral icons totally annoying.
by thundt July 12, 2006
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I bet you ever clicked on those "Free Smileys for your IM Messenger!" ads. As me (and maybe) you, can hate when you are talking to someone in your IM and so the person that you're talking with is a smiley whore(smiley whore is that person that has compulsive use of smileys, like when he type "Stuff", the S is on fire, the F is dancing, and that annoying thing) you may hate that jumping or talking or driving or whatever doing SmileyCentral smileys.

Also, as those "Free upgrade" or "Free screensavers" that I am sure that are a pleothora of spy, well that MUST be the same with the smileys stuff.

yeah. it is that site.
by bactac May 15, 2006
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A cool program to download that has thousands of smiley faces from insults to humor to emotions to antthing you can think of!!
On my email, smiley central let me tell my friend exactly what I was thinking with its cool databse of smileys.
by AK_Luver September 22, 2004
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