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Someone who creates a specific smile gives a smilejob.
The smilejob on her face after she performs oral sex on him.


The regulation smilejob he or she always gives their bosses...
by Denis Jackson August 02, 2006
4 34
When someone smiles for a very creepily long amount of time until the other person freaks out and there reaction is unknown.
The purpose of this is to see peoples random reactions to get a rise of laughter from you and your friends.

"I just gave that old man a smile job from a across the room and he winked at me!"....*hysterical laughter*
I just gave that small child a smile job and he made a stupid face at me!
by thesaminator17 October 10, 2010
5 1
A blow job from a woman with a very large gap between her front two teeth. Also known as "falling into the gap"
"That bitch in the alley has large buck teeth that a smile job from her just ain't worth it!"
by Adrienne Levy and Sy Islam December 07, 2007
2 4